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The owner's of Soho Caffé approached us after a recommendation from a close friend of theirs. When we met they were in the middle of refurbishing a tired, old, Surrey cafe, they had a loose vision and a logo but it was evident that they needed us to take the reins. 


We visited the cafe to see the work in progress and get a feel for the space. We believe that a brand isn't just a logo, it isn't a colour, typeface or website. We believe that the sign of a great brand is when a customer  can interact and identify a business without being prompted. All aspects of a brand, down to the wallpaper in the shop front should sing in harmony.

We identified the warm, earthy tones, the unfinished wood panelling, the industrial finishes and most importantly sampled the coffee. You know the new owners of your local cafe are great when mid refurbishment they still have a coffee machine! 



We took the logo that Soho already had and sampled the colours from the gradient. We then took our palette of colours and ensured they reflected the decor of the cafe. We wanted to create a site that invoked a craving for coffee for the viewer. 

When we visited the cafe the wallpaper really stood out for us, specifically the cacti pattern. When carrying this through to the site it would have been easy to re-create a digital version of the wallpaper, we took a different approach however. We needed to use a background image that not only incorporated the cacti but also carried through the tones, showed off the amazing coffee and tied everything together. 

The approach from the beginning was to keep it simple, striking imagery, one font and the colour palette derived from the logo gradient.



We sent the first draft to our client and after a couple of tweaks was ready to launch. 

We integrated an analytics tool for our client to monitor traffic, demographics and marketing channel performance. We built a custom SEO strategy and implemented it with carefully chosen key words. The next step was to update the Google My Business listing to reflect the new re-brand along with the possibility for customers to review the cafe and read their menu at a glance.

We work closely with Soho to maintain and add to the website continuously.



Soho Caffé

"A good friend of mine recommended Dan and DR Website Design. I am so glad that I received the recommendation! After using multiple larger creative design companies for previous projects, I always felt disappointed. Not this time!

DR understood us, our new cafe and our identity instantly.  I received the first draft of the website and it was next to perfect. There were a couple of tweaks that were taken care of within an hour and we launched. Simply delighted."